What is a monitoring system?  Monitoring system is an integral part of overall monitoring and evaluation system as necessary to track the implementation status of project overtime.  An efficient and effective monitoring system is able to provide early warnings regarding any deviation in the implementation of project interventions following planned activities. The decision makers can determine corrective actions based on the monitoring observations. Monitoring and evaluation system is also a guiding document for logical frame-work.  Indicators are essential ingredients of monitoring and evaluation system. Base line data provide guidelines to formulate the indicators for monitoring and evaluation systems.

A typical outline for monitoring systems is listed below:

Elements of monitoring Methodology Tools
Progress monitoring MIS reporting Structured formats
Internal evaluation Sample survey Structured formats, case studies, participatory discussions
Monitoring Meeting/Progress Review Meeting Quarterly meeting Participatory discussions
Coordination Meeting Monthly Meeting Participatory discussions
Occasional/Ad-hoc monitoring Rapid Appraisal Spot checks/case studies/physical verifications
Monitoring workshops/seminars Seminars/Workshops Participatory discussions/exercise
Informal monitoring Field visits/Feed back Observations/Discussions