What is career planning?

Career planning is a top priority and top rated soft commodity as precious as gold in the lives of all human being in the society. Gold is the precious hard commodity and the people loves to take care of its utilization vis-a-vis preservation and protection. Justifiably career planning is the most valuable component of the human life which should be taken care of seriously in order to be a successful person in life.

Career planning is a vision and a compilation of learning and actions resulting in desired development goals. The career planning involves analysis of   knowledge , skills, abilities and aptitudes of individuals and relating those to  different choices of  career opportunities  available for them. Career planning demands the preparation of a logical action plans based on the said analysis.

Career planning is a continuous and life long process  based on learning. experiences and actions. Career planning is also subject to revision based on learning and experiences in order to achieve desired goals overtime.

Importance of Career Planning

Career leads a person to pursue jobs especially for a living.  Career planning matches career goals and individual capabilities for a career choice. Career planning leads to enhancing future value of individuals.

Career planning is the primary task in the career history followed by career management at subsequent stages which deals with the career development tasks.

Steps in Career Planning process

Self-assessment is the first step of gathering information about yourself in order to make an informed career decision. It is the first step of the career planning process and is often conducted with the help of a career development professional. Self-assessments measure:

An career planning is a reference document for an individual. So this planning document should be prepared very carefully. Guidance and instruction from able person may be obtained for career planning.

A  typical career planning process includes the following steps:

  1. Analyzing individual sills, capabilities and aptitudes,
  2. Exploring different career opportunities
  3. Prioritizing the choices of career
  4. Formulating actions to avail the desired career opportunities
  5. Implement the planned actions.
  6. Evaluate the result
  7. Revise the career planning based on learning and experiences


Career planning is an inevitable phenomenon in the life history of a human being. Career planning is integrated with the success and failure and ups and downs of a career path. A logical and well formulated career plan is able to result in a productive and successful end frustrating all career obstacles. Successful career planning is a “Gold mining” for a successful man.