To what extent the Stress is harmful?

Experiences indicate about the harmful effects of stress. Stress is very harmful and has serious consequences for both employers and employees. The individual consequences of stress may take the form of depression, anxiety, anger, headache, cardiovascular disease, and even early onset of Alzheimer’s disease. The consequences on the employer’s side include reduction in the quantity and quality of performance and increased absenteeism and turnover. The impact of stress is further highlighted by research findings that that the health care costs of high-stress workers are significantly higher than that of low-stress workers.

Reasons for Stress

Workplace factors-The various workplace factors which influence stress condition may include tight work schedule, pace of work, job security, noise, poor supervision, number and nature of customers and clients, etc.

Personal factors-Personal factors which influence stress highly include work-hungry employees who are over driven by time and eager to meet-deadlines of works to be completed by any circumstances. This appears to be a major factor for stress in individual. Many other non-job factors like family altercations, problems with relatives or neighbors, unhappy family life, etc.

Stress Management

There are many ways for reducing stress which include some common steps like having a comfortable deep sleep and refreshing good food.. Finding a more challenging job, listening to advice and getting counseling, planning and following regular working schedule are other activities which can stimulate reducing the stress condition.
Meditation has appeared to be another good option for reducing stress. Choosing a quite place and seating comfortably and practice meditation can bring better results towards reducing stress.
Experts have suggested various specific ways to reduce stress which include: maintaining pleasant and cooperative relationship with colleagues and employees; maintaining effective and supportive relationship with boss; taking time for relaxation and recreation; delegation of works as much as possible.etc.


The foregoing discussions indicate about various forms of stress conditions, the impact of stress on employees and the impact of stress on employers and about the stress management. This situation suggests that all concerned should be very careful and take necessary steps for reducing stress in order to stabilize the performance of the employees and the productivity of the organization.

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