Logical Frame-work appears to constitute the principal applied part in the project planning  document especially of any development project. Development practitioners would like to comfortably use a professionally prepared logical frame-work as reference tool for monitoring and evaluation of their projects. Logical frame-work is supposed to be derived from problem analysis vis-à-vis objective analysis of any particular situation and problem. Problem analysis leads towards ramifications of underlying ‘cause and effect’ relationship around a problem tree.  Objective analysis stems from problem analysis and is directed towards ‘means to end’  identifying project strategies like goals, purpose, results and major activities.

Project formulation as a part of project cycle management will remain incomplete in absence of logical frame-work in it.  Participation of all stakeholders of the proposed project appears to be sine qua non for desired problem analysis and objective analysis leading to logical frame-work for the project.

Logical frame-work is a matrix that contains narrative summary of project objectives at different hierarchical levels such as goals, purpose, results and major activities under each result levels.  Objectively verifiable indicators (OVI), time-frame and assumptions/risks are also included in the logical frame-work under each hierarchical level of objectives such as goals, purposes, results and major activities.  Detailed Plan of Operation could be formulated based o0n this logical frame-work. The objectively verifiable indicators will be the basis for project monitoring and evaluation overtime as an integrated phase in the project cycle management. The indicators will be formulated keeping in view the base line data of the project.  The logical frame-work which is prepared based on problem analysis and objective analysis could serve as a reference document for result oriented monitoring and evaluation. The project management can obtain maximum satisfaction out of project implementation through the logical frame-work when this instrument is designed and formulated by professionally skilled person within the boundary of project management cycle. Click here for support.