Staff Motivation is an essential tool to promote the willingness and capacity of staff to add value to the quality performance of any project or organization. Staff Motivation is significantly associated with people’s management in an organization.

What is the necessity of Staff Motivation? The organizations have three requirements in terms of motivation (Katz and Kahn, 1966):

  1. People must be attracted not only to join the organization but also to stay;
  2. People must perform the tasks for which they are hired and must do so in a dependable manner;
  3. People must go beyond this dependable role performance and engage in some form of creative, spontaneous and innovative behavior at work.

Consequently the Staff Motivation appears to stimulate the concerned staff to participate and perform qualitatively and objectively leading to growth and development of any project or an organization.

Tools for Staff Motivation

Major Tools for Staff motivation include the following:

  1. Work  place environment
  1. Salary and benefits
  • Basic salary
  • Medical facility
  • Conveyance facility
  • Housing facility
  • Recreational facilities
  • Retirement facilities
  • Pension system
  1. Tasks  satisfaction
  • Specific task description
  • tasks challenges
  • Delegation of responsibilities
  • Incentive/reward systems
  • Appropriate appraisal systems
  1. Career path
  • Professional skills development
  • Career growth opportunities
  • Exposures to advanced training and opportunities


The foregoing discussions indicates that appropriate analysis and assessment of Staff Motivation problems in a real world situation in an organization is a necessary condition in order to formulate suitable and specific strategies  and implement the planned strategies meticulously to gain maximum benefit out of it.