A manager is the key person to lead and manage a project towards desired goal. Justifiably the manager needs to possess relevant professional skills in order to perform effectively. The question arises as to what are the roles and skills of a manager?

Expert opinions and experiences suggested some major roles and skills for a manager as follows:

  1. Mentor-associated skills include: effective communication; interpersonal communication; staff development; knowledgeable about own capacities and capacity of others.
  2. Stimulator-associated skills are; conflict management; team building; decision making involving others.
  3. Mediator-associated skills are; negotiation skills; wide and effective network base; good interpersonal communication skills.
  4. Innovator-associated skills are: creative thinking; change management; pushing and implementing change.
  5. Producer-associated skills are: sensitive and responsive to productive environment; production friendly drives; responsive to time and stress management.
  6. Administrator-associated skills include: determining mission and vision; formulating goals and strategies; planning and organizing; promoting effective delegation.
  7. Coordinator-associated skills are: formulating tasks and responsibilities; project coordination and management; vertical and horizontal as well as interpersonal coordination; Analyzing of constraints and risks of project implementation and formulating recommendations.
  8. Controller-associated skills include: Monitoring and evaluating the implementation status of project and functioning of the organization; assessing own strengths and weaknesses; improving own capacity and skills; monitoring and improving overall communication pattern of the project or organization.

The foregoing description and analysis indicates that the efficient and effective implementation of a project is significantly correlated with the associated professional skills of the concerned project managers. Evidently it appears to be imperative to resort to problem analysis relating to roles and skills of managers and coordinators in any project or organization to identify the cause and effect relationship, if any, and take appropriate capacity development measures accordingly.