Interpersonal communication refers to the verbal and non-verbal interactions between one to one and small groups. Desirable and suitable interpersonal communication skills has been proved to be an essential quality of any employee to become successful in maintaining expected and compatible relationship between co-workers as well as among departments, units in an organization that stimulate and promote the effective team building process in a project or in any organization. The situation relating to the complexity of modern project/organization, technological advancement, multi-sectoral and multi-cultural working environment has impacted significantly on the necessity of improved and effective interpersonal relationships context. Consequently demand for employees having professional interpersonal skills have been increasing overtime. The employees who are flexible and adaptable to a particular environment; who are able to work under pressure; who can analyze and solve problems efficiently; and who are able to share lessons learned and constructive feedback ; and who can manage conflict effectively; have become successful in adding value to the promotion of team work spirit in any project or organization. The employees who lack these qualities are not able to become an effective team member but are able to add serious threats to the interpersonal communication vis-a-vis the team work.

The interpersonal communication is associated with individual style relating to writing, speaking and behavioral pattern. To be effective and successful in getting maximum benefit out of interpersonal communication, one must learn and be knowledgeable in the art skills of interpersonal communication. Soft and professional skills in interpersonal communication are sine qua non for successful “Team Building” process.

Justifiably, the subject of interpersonal communication should find a place in the project implementation strategies and it should be brought under the regular monitoring and evaluation systems of any project. Likewise the strengths and weaknesses of interpersonal communication should be identified and analysed to update the status and its impact on team building process and project implementation overtime.