Career cycle may be considered as a looking glass. and it is  very crucial for individuals. The individual human life time is limited and will not continue for the eternity. That is why it is imperative to be vigilant about ones career cycle in order to be able to plan and manage one’s career successfully. The various constraints and limitations attached to the modern job markets amply justify the importance of gaining relevant knowledge and information about the career cycle of individuals. Individuals pass through the different stages of career cycle. Each stage has the unique characteristics to influence the knowledge and preferences for different occupational choices of individuals.

A typical career cycle diagram is presented below


career cycle
Career Cycle

The children at the growth stage get familiar with the environment around them; they become conscious and knowledgeable about the surroundings; they develop self-concept and identity; they try to identify their interests and abilities.
In the exploration stage the individuals seriously explores the possibilities and choices of different occupations based on respective education and qualifications as well as abilities and talents.

The establishment stage is called the heart of the work life of individuals. The individuals find occupations of their choices and get established and stabilized often through many ups and downs as may occur in course of time.
In the maintenance stage the individuals continue to stabilize the work stage vis-à-vis occupation.
Declining stage refers to the retiring stage where individuals may be willing to contribute based on his knowledge and resources base but with reduced level of responsibilities and attachment.


The above career cycle diagram and the discussions tell us about the importance of career cycle. This piece of article also reminds us that human life span is very limited. This suggests that individuals should take adequate and careful steps in appropriate time in order to build self-capacity and make good and appropriate choices for productive career to follow overtime.