What is indicator? Indicators are used to measure the progress of implementation status of development project. Why the indicator is important? The indicators are formulated for each hierarchical level of project objectives –goal, purpose, results/output and activities. The indicators are either quantitative or qualitative based on the nature of assessment of the progress of project overtime. In other words, indicators are used for verification of the nature of the project implementation overtime. The indicators are formulated based on the findings of baseline data. Means of verification (MOV)is an essential ingredient attached  to the formulation of indicators. That means  MOV tells  us the modus operandi in terms of verification of the specific indicators i.e. survey, focus group discussions, plenary discussions, review meeting, review of reports and documents, regular monitoring, formal and informal data collection, etc. Indicators are integrated in the logical frame-work comprehensively.

Indicators are used to monitor the development projects on regular basis based on the planned activities as well as to evaluate the project periodically based on the result chain vis-à-vis the planning document of a particular project. Monitoring indicators will assess the progress of the project based on the planned activities and will point out the current implementation status of the project , any deviation from plan, reasons for deviation, corrective actions, etc. Evaluation indicators will determine the progress of the project in terms of impact of the project and its relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability. After all the indicators must be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reliable and Time bound) to be effective in all counts.