What is Project planning Matrix?  We can refer to Project Planning Matrix (PPM) as an abstract or a summary feature of project planning document.  How a project planning matrix is prepared? An ideal Project Planning Matrix is only resulted from rigorous and comprehensive planning workshop participated by different categories of stakeholders related to the project.   The findings and observations pertaining to situation analysis, problem analysis, objective analysis and alternative analysis lead to the formulation of project planning matrix.  The project planning matrix is a matrix table and contains the narrative summary of project objectives at different hierarchical levels; objectively verifiable indicators (OVI); means of verification (MOV) ; and assumptions. The narrative summary includes goal, purpose/effect, result / output, and major activities. An outline of major inputs is also included in the PPM.

The project planning matrix gives a clear direction for the project implementation overtime.  Detailed Logical frame-work is derived primarily based on the project planning matrix. Both the project planning matrix and the logical frame-work serve as reference documents for project monitoring and evaluation in course of project implementation. An efficient and professionally skilled specialist can only be able to facilitate and conduct the desired project planning workshop and assist in preparing the project planning matrix