What is 360 degree feedback?

The 360 degree feedback is also called multi-source feedback and multi-rater feedback. 360 feedback has become popular as a tool to be used for skills and capacity development of managers. This can also be called as supplementary method for providing training to managers and supervisors.

How 360 degree feedback works?

Receiving feedback
The 360 degree feedback program allows managers to receive information and feedback regarding their skills, behavior and the like from multiple sources like subordinates, peers, superiors, boss, and sometimes outsiders. Normally prescribed formats are used to get this information and feedback from various sources.

Processing feedback

The managers receive the desired information regarding the feedback in a prescribed form. The feedback so received can be processed in different ways:
• Manager keeps the feedback report by himself and may or may not take action based on the feedback.
• Managers receive the report and can have a meeting with a facilitator to discuss the report.
• Manager can meet in a group meeting with a facilitator to interpreted and discuss the reports.
• Managers can through the reports away into a dust bean

Use of feedback reports

Experiences suggest that the 360 degree feedback reports can be a source of important and valuable information regarding the level of skills and behavior and other aspects of managers and supervisors. Feedback reports should be analyzed carefully to determine the various dimensions and magnitudes of strengths and weaknesses regarding skills and behavior of participant managers. This should follow the formulation of corrective measures and other relevant recommendations as necessary to overcome the deficiencies, if any.


The above discussions indicate about the significance of the 360 degree feedback in terms of development of skills and capacity of managers and supervisors. In spite of having limitations, 360 degree feedback as a management development tool, continues to remain popular and potential, as indicated by experiences.