What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

SEO refers to the abbreviated term for  the Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a very  popular name in the computer and the internet world  vis-a-vis the World  Wide Web  (www) phenomenon. SEO makes the particular website known to worldwide instantly. SEO promotes the flow of  traffic to websites through  search engine results. SEO is the process of getting traffic from free, organic and natural search results.


Objectives of SEO


Good quality website with good design and good quality content or information will produce no value unless it is not known to the world vis-a-vis the intended visitors. Consequently the principal objective of SEO is to bring the particular website at the top of the search result in order to draw attention of the visitors to look through the contents of the website. Contextually Search Engines will give value to the websites which have applied SEO formalities observing available appropriate SEO guidelines.

The Page Rank and the Alexa Rank are two “Google standards” to measure the effectiveness of a particular website. Effective SEO will improve the Page Rank and the Alexa Rank of a particular website to describe the quality of the website and the popularity of the website in the internet world. On the other hand, a website with high Page Rank and good Alexa Rank will be able to become a potential source of income for the owners of particular sites.


Types of SEO


SEO is categorized primarily as:

  • On-page Optimization
  • Off-page Optimization

On-page Optimization refers to the kind of SEO which is planned and implemented within the web-pages of a particular website. This on-page optimization includes writing of SEO friendly articles and indexing of the website in different Search Engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Off-page Optimization refers to the SEO activities outside the websites. It mainly deals with creating back links with different blog sites, bookmarking sites, forum sites, directory submission sites and article submission sites.


Technical Categories of SEO

Technically the SEO are categorized in the following ways:

White hat SEO

White hat SEO is the most intended SEO category for the website vis-a-vis the Search Engine. This type of SEO follows the  prescribed  Search Engine guidelines and it does not involve any kind of  deception to fool the Search Engine. It is the ideal type of SEO and should be followed by the website owner in order to build effective SEO for the website and improve the Page Rank and the Alexa Rank overtime.

Black hat SEO

This kind of SEO activities relates to gaining immediate good results and involves deception and do not follow the appropriate guidelines as prescribed. This kind  of SEO attempts aimed at improving  ranking of websites in ways that are not approved by the  Search Engines. The websites desiring improved Page Rank and Alexa Rank should do away with it in order to get benefit in the long run.


Grey hat SEO

This category of SEO takes the more or less middle path to reap benefit of SEO. The websites takes the stands in between black hat and white hat where the focus is very much on improving rank rather than quality of content. This is also not a fair way to do effective SEO and needs to be avoided in order to be acceptable to the Search Engines.


SEO Monitoring by Google

Google designed  and introduced SEO Monitoring Guidelines and tools  “Panda” and “Penguin” to effectively track the SEO activities of websites  indexed to the  Search Engines.

Google “Panda” concentrates mainly on the quality of contents of the websites and helps Google to ascertain the websites containing content as duplicated from other websites and sources and penalize them accordingly.

Google “Penguin” tool attempts to discover the websites  that uses manipulative SEO techniques to improve their rankings on the search engine and penalize them accordingly.



The above discussions is not exhaustive.  Nevertheless it is observed that the  SEO is the key towards achieving the desired success and objectives of launching a website. Effective Search Engine Optimization  is able to contribute significantly to the google page rank and the alexa rank of a website. The specific Page rank and Alexa rank indicate the quality of a website in a particular point in time. Justifiably careful and serious attention should be given to the proper SEO activities of any website keeping in view the SEO guidelines and the Google “Panda” and Google “Penguin” guidelines.

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