What is job search


Job search is a driver for a job seeker  looking for  suitable job opportunities leading to a gainful employment. Job search is also called as job hunting, job seeking or job searching.


Objectives of job search


The primary objectives of job search is to look for job vacancies or employment opportunities  and  related conditions and requirements for the jobs in order to proceed accordingly.


Steps in Job searching


Typical ways for job searching


  • Peers, friends relatives and their families
  • Professional networks
  • Business networks
  • Social Media Networks(facebook, linkedin, twitter and the like)
  • Employment websites
  • Job listing search engines
  • Classified Ads in newspapers
  • Employment agencies
  • Company’s websites
  • Job fair
  • Career advisor
  • Researching the employers

Job Application


Job application will be submitted to the prospective employers using appropriate curriculum vitae /resume as the case may be.


Job interview


The potential job seekers will participate in the interview session following appropriate interview etiqutte and requirements.


Employment Offer


Employer will give job offer for the successful applicant after completion of all necessary formalities.




Job search for a  typical job seeker is  not very easy and comfortable. There is no room for inattention and laziness in case of job searching on the part of job seekers, Justifiably, effective job search will produce expected results only when energy and hard work is put to it. Let us hope for the best.

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