Objective Analysis follows Problem analysis towards Project planning. It is the important step and is required to carry out with due care and attention in order to derive relevant and appropriate output accordingly. As we can remember that in case of Problem analysis we have identified the causes and effects relationship of a particular problem which could be demonstrated through a problem tree. On the other hand, in case of Objective Analysis, the Problem Tree will be converted into an Objective tree. Here the consistency will be checked along the findings of the Problem Tree and causes and effects vis-a-vis the problems will be reformulated in terms of objectives. Based on the similarities,  the  objectives and activities will be arranged into different clusters. Different types of interventions are then determined based on this clusters. Based on the overall Objective Analysis, the project objective, project purpose, project results and project activities are determined and defined. This Objective analysis directs the project planners to determine the assumptions and risks, project pre-conditions and monitoring and impact indicators as required and relevant for any project.