Communication refers to the flow of a message from sender to receiver through a media and the communication is said to be completed through a feedback.
Many Faces of Communication
There are many faces of communication as follows:
• Internal Communication-Communication within an organization or project.
• External Communication-Communication of an organization or a project with outside clients/customers, specific groups or agencies.
Official/Business Communication-Formal communication.
• Public Relations- Communication towards clients, customers, common people, common public
Social Communication-informal communication with relatives, friends, colleagues.
• Upward communication-communication from subordinates to superiors.
• Downward Communication-communication from superiors to subordinates.
• Vertical communication-upward and downward communication.
Horizontal Communication-Communication between departments, units, sections of the same hierarchical levels.
Spoken Communication-Oral communication through one to one, group meeting, etc.
• Written Communication- Communication through letters, publications.
• Visual Communication- communication by using media.
Non-verbal Communication-Communication by using body languages.

The ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with relevant and concerned people is crucial for success of organization or project management.
The management of any project or organization must adopt the most suitable and effective communication faces and practice them in respective setting in order to obtain maximum benefit.
A Comprehensive Communication Strategy for any project or organization will be of great help in this respect when included in project logical frame-work. A detailed Problem Analysis and SWOT Analysis of existing communication situation will facilitate the formulation of such a communication strategy. The status of communication situation in the project/organization needs to be updated through regular monitoring and evaluation