Spoken communication is an indispensable element of development communication in any project or organization. Spoken communication is also a major ingredient of interpersonal communication. The knowledge and understanding of spoken communication is crucial in effective team building and team works towards successful project management overtime.

Justifiably, the analysis of problems as well as strengths and weaknesses and determining the appropriate working strategies to improve the existing communication pattern in the project or organization is not only important but also a necessity.
The major types of spoken communication together with associated problems are highlighted below;
(a)One to one meeting-face to face communication with subordinates, senior managers, clients, customers. Problems associated with this type of communication include lack of listening skills, inappropriate language, lack of presentation skills, etc., (b) group-meetings-staff meeting, planning meeting, monitoring meeting, evaluation meeting, clients/beneficiaries meetings, etc. The problems associated with this type of communication include absence of any planning, having no agenda, monotonous; (c) training-staff capacity building, other training. Problems associated are not need based, not audience friendly; (d) lectures-presenting a research report, educating an audience. Problems associated include monotonous, lengthy, jargon; (e) briefings- press conference, mass meeting, discussion with special audience. Problems associated include lack of preparation, too long, boring; (f) coaching-transmitting skills, capacity building of subordinates. Problems associated are lack of patience, lack of feedback, very fast; (g) telephone-personal, official, clients/customers. Problems associated include inappropriate language, tone- speed and quality of voice, immediate and surprising feedback, (h) radio-mass education and information, publicity. Problems associated are no direct feedback, one-way, quality of presentation.

The status of communication pattern along with spoken communication needs to be monitored using suitable indicators and baseline data.