Importance of Content Writing

Content is “King”. Content Writing is the “Best job” in the world. A quality content is the glowing face of a live website and is a pre-condition for effective SEO. Quality content writing is significantly correlated with the improved Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank.

The website contents comprise multiple subjects or categories depending on the user preferences and market trends. Content writing is done for different types of websites like blogs, social networks, news and e-commerce.

The principal objective of website content writing is to produce and compile useful information relating to various services and products for education, knowledge and awareness of targeted audiences.

Specifically, a high quality web content is able to contribute significantly to producing higher revenues for online business enterprises in the modern booming yet competitive business environment across the world. This situation has resulted in a very high demand of a skilled website content writer.

Tips for successful Content Writing

Addressing Different Writing Styles

Writing styles vary significantly for different content writing purposes. Blogging, news writing, academic writing , technical writing-all have distinct features and characteristics. Pick up an appropriate writing style for a successful category of content wetting.

Focusing on Target oriented Content

The web content needs to be targeted and audience specific. The interest and preferences of targeted audiences needs to be researched and identified carefully.

Writing User friendly content

Simple and familiar words and short sentences are ideal for writing a successful web content. Write short and crisp sentences. Do not be clever or creative. Do not use hard words or phrases. It is advisable to avoid any kind of jargons, clichés, oxymoron, colloquial languages, etc., in web content writing. Use engaging and compelling words

Writing Unique/Original Content

It is imperative to write unique/original content for adding validity and acceptance by the targeted users. Copying from other websites or sources, use of duplicate materials, use of copy righted materials, etc. are potential barriers to wring unique and original contents. Plagiarism is highly deplorable in content writing.

Writing SEO friendly Content

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)is the essential key for a web content to be successful in the internet arena. The quality as well as the popularity of a specific content is judged by the quality of associated SEO design and implementation. Effective SEO design for a successful web content takes care of title, meta tag, meta description, key words, internal links, external links, and the like.

Researching and Planning Key Words

This is a vital part of SEO for any successful web content. Key words play major role in aiding Search Engines to produce search results for a particular web content. Appropriate and relevant key words should be researched and identified by using suitable key word planner and incorporate it in the content following the SEO guidelines.

Making a Catchy and Juicy title of the content

Title is the driver for the content. Title put first impression on the visitors or users. Build title with clear, engaging , interesting and juicy words having principal and prominent key word in it.

Designing simple and attractive Post structure

Break the contents and include sub-headings. Add different sections and paragraphs as applicable by using different heading tags to make your content more attractive .

Using Action verbs

Experiences suggest that action verbs in content wring produce enhanced attention and engagements of users.

Formatting content for easy and attractive Scanning

Users of websites are always in a hurry. They are like hungry birds. They prefer to scanning the contents as soon as they enter a webpage. A very few readers go through word by word to read the particular page rather they skip and skip as they proceed along the page. This suggests that the website contents should give emphases on the formatting/structuring of the contents accordingly. Highlight the sub-headings, write short paragraphs, use bolded, use colored texts, use bulleted texts and the like.

Checking content for Grammars and Spelling error

Always do grammars and spelling checks very carefully. Content with spelling mistakes and with grammatical errors are not liked by the users.

Adding Visual Impression to of Content

Visuals play a great role in adding value to content writing. Learning is greatly prompted by seeing and hearing. The visuals also have the ability to raise interests and hold the users longer. Incorporate visual aids like pictures, images, videos and diagrams in the contents to make them more interesting and appealing.

Putting most important information first

An “Inverted Pyramid Method” is followed for a successful content wring. The core information should be put first. Write the big picture in simple way at the top of the content. This will create a better impression so that the readers tend to fall in love with the topic and are curious to read more through the particular content.

Becoming a Professional Content Writer for Content Writing

Professional Content Writer is only competent for successful content writing. Content writer is an Articles writing expert; Content writer is a SEO expert; he is a marketing specialist; and a social media specialist. This combined and integrated qualities of a Content Writer drives him towards the successful content writing job-the best job in the world..


Content is the heart of any website. Unique content is the basis for improving the quality and the popularity of a website . Successful content writing should be done by a professional content writer who is able to produce engaging content for using over the internet. Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank has significant association with the quality content writing.

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