SEO Fitness Test for fast moving websites

SEO is a core activity in terms of website development and marketing. SEO strategies are implemented through two wings of SEO namely On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization. Effective SEO can only be  done following specific guidelines and processes.

SEO Fitness for a website is vital for improving the quality as well as popularity of a particular website. That means Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank are significantly correlated with the SEO fitness status of a website.

Below is given a pictorial presentation of check lists  associated with the SEO Fitness Test. This will aid in judging the degree of SEO Fitness of a website.

  1. View the Basic optimization Tests (below):


2. View the On page optimization Tests


3. View the Off page Optimization Tests



The SEO check lists for basic steps, on page optimization and off page optimization as discussed above will help to judge the SEO fitness for a website significantly. Nevertheless, a SEO expert can only implement the SEO activities effectively.


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