SEO Mistakes poses a great threat to the effective Search Engine Optimization process. On page optimization and off page optimization  are  sin qua non for  websites in order to bring them in the favorable search results especially in the top pages of search results. Justifiably,  site owners used to put very hard efforts  to  optimize their sites to reap desired benefit out of SEO.  Nevertheless, SEO mistakes frustrate all these attempts significantly.

SEO  Mistakes

The Experiences and the views of SEO Experts have identified the following SEO mistakes on way to successful implementation of effective Search Engine Optimization:

Title Tags and Meta Descriptions are not formulated properly

Title Tags and Meta descriptions appear to be  vital parts of any content or post in a website in case of SEO. Search Engines use these areas prominently  in producing search results. So Title Tags and Meta descriptions needs to be formulated appropriately by following proper SEO guidelines ( using of keywords, header tags, permalinks, etc.

Keeping Broken links

Keeping broken links is a major mistake in case of SEO and  not acceptable  by any way. Visitors feel dissatisfied absolutely with broken links in the contents and pages. Moreover, Search Engines take this as a serious lapse on the part of a website and downgrade the concerned website accordingly.

Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing appears to be a very unwanted practice in SEO formulation. Appropriate keyword density should be maintained in the website contents by  using available guidelines and tools.

Inappropriate Keywords

Inappropriate keywords tend to frustrate the effective SEO practices. Relevant and suitable keywords should be identified and formulated by using available keyword research tools.

Poor quality content

Poor quality contents appear to burdens for the websites and Search Engines discredit this kind of contents very strongly. Good quality and user friendly contents can only win the race in the search results.

Duplicate content

Duplicate contents are also heavily under rated and under estimated  by the Search Engines. That means this should be avoided while putting contents in the website.

Copy made  content

Copied content from any source having a Copy Right falls under plagiarism. Search Engines take this very seriously. Effective SEO optimization process must avoid this kind of activities.

Not Using  image Tags/Alt Tags

This is a mistake done by many websites while optimizing for Search Engines. Search Engines prefer to putting  suitable Alt Tags for all images used in the websites so that they can read it through this Alt Tags.

Lack of importance to create back links

Creating back links is the prime task of off page optimization. Google puts much emphases on creating back links. Page Rank and Alexa Rank of a particular website depend largely on the back links created for this website. Not only  importance but also priority should be given to creating back links.

Ignoring Social media

Different Social Media like facebook, twitter, linkedin, Google+ ,etc., can play great roles in mobilizing visitors for a particular website. Justifiably, concerned websites should establish effective links with these popular social media sites through off page optimization process.

Lack of  internal links

Insufficient or lack of internal links in websites can downgrade their quality and status significantly in the eyes of Search Engines. On page optimization should take this point carefully in order to optimize the site effectively by using relevant and suitable anchor texts accordingly.

Black hat SEO for quick results

Black hat SEO for quick results is a major mistake in case of optimization because this kind of SEO fails to follow the appropriate guidelines as prescribed by the Search Engine. This back hat SEO must be avoided in order to safeguard  websites from falling into disgrace of Search Engines.

Lack of  monitoring by Analytics

Lack of monitoring by Analytics appears to be  a major mistake in case of SEO. Effective Search Engine Optimization is expected to produce good results relating to improved Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank overtime. Regular monitoring of websites are necessary in order to see the intended  progress  in terms of different performance indicators like page views, unique visitors, bounce rate and the like. This regular monitoring helps to identify the problems, strengths and weaknesses also for taking corrective actions accordingly. But lack of monitoring by appropriate tool (Google Analytics) prevents websites from doing this monitoring job.


SEO is a key factor in terms of On  Page Optimization as well as Off Page Optimization. Search Engines give high priority to  effective SEO process for websites. Nevertheless , various SEO mistakes are able to frustrate this objective significantly. This suggests that all SEO Planning and designing  should be designed and implemented very carefully keeping in view the appropriate guidelines  in order to produce desired results accordingly.

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