What is Off Page Optimization

Off-page optimization refers to the  kind of SEO which is implemented outside the website. Impact of SEO on the effectiveness of a website  is very significant. Off-page optimization mainly deals with  building back links through different methods and techniques.

Objective of off page optimization

  Off-page optimization have the following major objectives:

  • To increase Search Engine ranking that will attract more traffic to the particular website/page.
  • To increase the Google Page Rank indicating the higher quality of website.
  • To improve Alexa Rank and generate popularity by attracting more visitors due to the top/strategic position of the website in the search result.

Methods of off page optimization

Link building (back link) is the most standard and popular method of  off page optimization. Effective link building especially “Do follow” link building in high PR sites  is able to produce good results including on line credibility and reputation and promote marketability of website.

Different link building methods and strategies are described below:

Blogging in free bog site

It is a better practice to do link building (back link)  in a blog developed in free blogger sites like e-blogger.com and wordpress.com, etc. Back links are included in the posts so made in the blog sites. Many free e-blogger sites are available in the internet and one can take this opportunity to do link building. This kind of link building has been proved very effective.

Blog Comment

Link building can be done through blog comments very easily. Many relevant  blogs sites are  available for doing this kind of blog commenting. Website back links are included along with the comments so made.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is an important method for creating back links for any website/page. Many popular and high PR Social Book Marking sites like Digg, Delicious, Reddit, Stumble upon are available for this purpose.

Forum Posting

Creating back links in different Forums have been proved very effective in the eyes of Search Engines. This kind of back links can be included in high PR forum sites which are available in the internet. Back links in forum sites can be generated along with the posting of threads, commenting on threads and the signatures.

Articles Submission

Submission of good quality and unique articles to different specific articles submission sites can generate useful back links for the websites. These kind of submission is subject to specific guidelines and procedures of the articles submission sites. Website back links are incorporated within the articles so submitted.

Directory Submission

Many Directory submission sites are available on-line. Websites/page can be submitted to these directories following respective rules and guidelines.

Social Networking

Social networking sites (facebook, twitter, linkedin, Google+, etc) are very important and effective media for link building purposes. A particular website/page can reach thousands of people instantly through these social media sites. Proper registration with these sites are necessary in order to use their services accordingly. The specific website or pages can be shared with the friends and fans through these social media sites. Back links can be included easily in the along with the posts/updates through the inbuilt systems of the media sites also.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is another very important method of creating back links and this kind of back links are highly valued by Search Engines now a days. Many Guest posting sites are available on-line. The articles are posted to these sites following the specific rules and guidelines. Back links are included within the articles.

Photo sharing

Back links can be generated by way of sharing photos/images in photo sharing sites. Different such sites are available onpline.along with the images/photos

Video sharing

Video sharing through different Video sharing sites (Youtube, etc..) is a very popular method of creating back link in now a days. Back links of websites are embedded in the video so shared. Lot of visitors can find it interesting to visit the websites accordingly..


Different “Answering” platforms (Yahoo Answer..) are available on-line. One can participate in questioning and answering  sessions after registering in the sites and following the specific guidelines. Back links can be generated in cases of questions and answers accordingly.

Widget Development

A specific widget can be added to the website (polls..) and asking for opinions or comments. A lot of visitors may like to participate in the campaign and visit the website accordingly.


SEO is the heart of creating back links. An appropriate SEO Planning is a necessary condition for this purpose.  Off page optimization has been proved to be a very potential tool for creating back link and generating traffic to websites overtime. The popular Search Engines particularly Google attach significant value to this kind of back link and tend to enhance the Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank of the particular website accordingly. This  significance of off page optimization  justifies that Off page optimization should be done very effectively by following the appropriate guidelines vis-a-vis Google “Panda” and Google “Penguin”.

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